Audio Visual Cart


Digital Projector

Dry Erase Board

Cassette Recorder

Laser Pointer



Microphone (wireless)

Microphone Stand

Multimedia TV Proj System

Overhead Projector

Opaque Projector

P.A. System (large)

P.A. System (portable)

P.A. System (table top)


Projector (16mm)

Projector (8mm)

Projector (35mm)

Projector Screen (48”)

Projector Screen (60”)

Projector Screen (70”)

Projector (film strip)

TV/VCR Combo

Video Player

Portable Air Tank

Battery Cables

Battery Charger

Battery Cables

Bolt Cutter (42”)

Car Polisher

Clamps (“C”)


Clutch Aligning Tool

Coil Comp (spring inside)

Coil Comp (spring outside)

Coil Comp (spring strut)

Compression Tester


Cylinder Hone

Sander (auto air)

Sander (air board)

Engine Hoist (knockdown)

Engine Hoist (towable)

Chain Sling

Engine Stand

Floor Jack

Handy Man Jack

Pullers (large)

Jack (Screw)

Jacks (house)

Jack (12 ton hydraulic)

Jack (20 ton hydraulic)

Jack (transmission)

Pullers (large plus)

Porta Power (10 ton)

Rivet Tool

Hand Riviter

Nut Cracker

Ridge Reamer

Ring Compressor

Safety Stand (5 ton)

Safety Stand (7 ton)

Sockets (1/2” drive)

Socket (special)

Sockets (3/4” drive)

Steam Cleaner (3000 PSI)

Pressure Tester

Timing Light

Torque Wrench

Valve Spring Compressor

Tap and Die Set

Torch (Cutting - Large)

Torch (Cutting - Small)

Backhoe (John Deere 110)

Backhoe (John Deere 4WD)

Backhoe (John Deere)

Excavator (John Deere 35D)

Bobcat Loader

Case Tractor 570LXT

Trencher (V2050 Vermeer)

Trencher (Barreto 1642D)

Pipe Puller (Ditchwitch 255)

Trencher (R-30)

Trencher/Backhoe (V-4150)

Bike Carrier

Boat (12’ Aluminum)

Camper Jacks

Canoe (15’ Aluminum)

Car Top Carrier

Horseshoe Set

Ice Auger

Life Jackets

Ski Rack

Volleyball Set

Ping-Pong Table

Compactor (Jumping Jack)

Compactor (plate)

Compactor (Large Diesel)

Air Chipper

Air Chipper (steels)

Asphalt Spade

Breaker (90#)

Breaker (gas powered)

Compressor (3/4hp electric)

Compressor (4.5hp electric)

Compressor (8hp gas)

Compressor Diesel 185 CFM

Compressor/Breaker Pack


Finish Nailer

Floor/Roof Stripper (Air)

Framing Nailer

Roof Bullys

Roof Jacks (Pair)

Roof Nailer (Coil)

Hose (3/4” x 50’)

Hose Tee (1/4”)

Hose (3/8” x 50’)

Impact Wrench (1”air)

Impact Wrench (3/4” air)

Impact Wrench (1/2” Elec)

Impact Wrench (1/2” air)

Nailer (Framing N16)

Pogo Stick Compactor

Rock Drill

Rock Drill Steel (2’-8’)

Sandblaster (300#)

Sandblaster (35#)

Stapler (1” Air)

Stapler (1/2” Air)

Nailer (air coil)

Texture Gun

Texture Gun Package

Compressor (1.5hp Electric)

Brick Saw

Bull Float

Finishing Hand Tools

Concrete Mixer (Gas)

Concrete Mixer (Electric)

Concrete Groover

Concrete Brick Imprint

Concrete Vibrator (Long)

Concrete Vibrator (Short)

Concrete Edger

Floor Saw (Gas 14”)

Fresno Float

Concrete Broom

Concrete Handles

Mortar Mixer

Power Screed

Power Trowel

Rebar Bender & Cutter

Snap Tie Shoes

Concrete Stakes

Tamper (Hand)

Concrete Blankets

Sidewalk Forms

Concrete/Asphalt Rake

Carpet Cutter

Carpet Edger

Carpet Fan


Carpet Iron

Carpet Scissors

Floor Machine (13”)

Floor Machine (17”)

Floor Machine (20”)

Tile Scrubber

Floor Nailer (Hardwood)

Floor Nailer (Air)

Floor Sander (Hardwood)

Floor Sander (Vibratory)

Floor Stripper (Electric)

Floor Stripper (Hand)

Knee Kicker

Knee Pads

Floor Edger

Power Stretcher

Tile Cutter (Hand)

Tile Roller (150#)

TIle Roller (75#)

Carpet Chisel

Wet/Dry Vac (8 gal)

Wet/Dry Vac (12 gal)

Vacuum (Upright)

Rug Doctor

Rug Rover

Upholstery Tool

Paver Cutter (Elmers)

Forklift (Champ 16’)

Forklift (Waco 21’ - 6000#)

Forklift (Reach 42’ 6k-8k#)

Forklift (Reach 42’ 6k-8k#)

Forklift Reach Attachment

Forklift Platform

Fork Extensions (8’)

Forklift (Clark 5000#)

Genie Lift 24’

Manlift (Eagle 42’ towable)

Manlift (Genie 4WD 50’)

Genie Lift 18’

Scissor Lift (Genie 19’)

Generator 2kw Honda

Generator 2.5kw

Generator 5kw

Generator 50kw IR

Generator 3.5kw

Generator 6kw

Generator 60 KVA MQ

Welder Diesel Lincoln

Welding Hood

Welder (Trailer - Gas)
Wire Feed Welder 220V

Wire Feed Welder 110V

Wire Leads 25 ft lengths

Heater 11K BTU W/O Fan

Heater Patio 40k BTU

Heater 150k BTU W/ Fan

Heater 200k BTU W/Fan

Heater 250k BTU W/Fan

Heater 350k BTU W/Fan

Heater 400k BTU W/Fan

Heater Electric 110 Volts

Heater Electric 220 Volts

Propane Tank 5 gal

Propane Tank 7 gal

Propane Tank 24 gal

Propane Tank 100 gal

Propane Hose 50ft

Propane Extension Hose

Baseboard Heater

Baby Car Seat

Baby Crib

High Chair

Baby Stroller

Bed Rollaway

Bike (Exercise)


Chimney Sweep



Metal Engraver

Meat Grinder

Meat Slicer

Motion Sign

Outdoor Portable Sign




Santa Suit



Swamp Cooler


Ladder Ext. 24’

Ladder Ext. 32’

Ladder Ext. 36’

Ladder Ext. 40’

Ladder Jacks (Pair)

Ladder Step 6’

Ladder Step 8’

Ladder Step 10’

Ladder Step 12’

Ladder Step 14’

Ladder Step 16’

Ladder Adjustable

Plank 16’

Plank 20’ , 24” Wide

Plank 24’


Auger, Post (gas)

Auger, Post (gas, hydraulic)

Auger, Post (hand)

Post Puller

Auger, Post (tractor)

Auger, Post (Bobcat Attach)

Mower (tractor)

Crow Bar

Chain Saw

Log Prop

Chipper 20hp (brush/trees)

Lawn Edger (gas)

Fence Stretcher

Fertilizer (Drop Spread)

Grass Spreader

Fertilizer Spreader

Hedge Trimmer

Leaf Blower

Landscape Rake

Wheeled Landscape Rake

Weed Burner w/ 5gal tank

Lawn Roller

Lawn (pull)

Lawn (push)


Log Splitter (11 hp)


Power Rake

Pry Bar

Sledge Hammer

Stump Grinder

Snow Blower

Sod Cutter

Steel Post Driver

Tiller (Kubota 3 pt. hitch)

Tiller (1320 Barreto)

Tiller (Merry -Front Tine)

Tiller (Mantis)

Tree Pole Saw

Tree Pruner

Weed Cutter (gas)

Roof Trimmer

Weed Eater (Husky)

Weed Cutter (hand)

Weed Sprayer

Weed Sprayer (backpack)

Wheelbarrow 6 cu ft.



Barricade Lights

Bender Conduit 1/2”

Bender Conduit 3/4”

Bender Conduit 1”

Bender Conduit 1 & 1/2”

Builders Level

Ceiling Jack, wall

Chimney Sweep

Conveyer, Dirt 21’


Ducts 15’ long

Fan Pedestal

Volume Air Fan 42” Diam.

Fan, Window

Fan, Industrial

Fish Tape, 75’

Flood Light, 2x500 watt

Hard Hat

Harness, Full Support

Ventilation Blower

Level, 40”

Magnetic Sweep

Metal Detectors (1-5’ deep)

Measuring Wheel

Pet Carrier

Animal Trap

Stud Gun

Suction Cups

Snow Fence, 50’

Storage Box, 8’ x 16’

Tar Pot

Tile Nipper

Traffic Cone


Auto Laser 900

Laser Detec 5418

Paper Shredder


Gas Cans

2 Cycle Fuel Containers

Truck Box Storage

Tank, Fuel 275

Tank, Fuel, 500

Hole Saw

Crimper, Poly Pipe

Hammer, Stapler

Sandblaster Hood

Airless Paint Sprayer (elec)

Cup Gun

Paint Stripper

Panel Lift

Panel Lift Extension

T Square Sheet Rock 48

Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

Stilts, Drywall

Wallpaper Steamer

Wallpaper Perferator

Texture/Paint Stirrer

Texture Hand Tool

Texture Machine


Ash Trays

Balloon Blowers (Air)

Balloon Fillers (Helium)

Bar (Portable)




Bread Basket

Bowl, Punch

Bowl, Salad

Bubble Machine


Canopy 10x10 Pop Up

Canopy 20x30 Utility Frame

Canopy 10x20 Professional

Canopy 30x60 High Pole

Canopy 20x20 High Peak

Canopy Sides 20x30

Canopy Sides w/ Windows


Chair, Folding (White)

Chair, Folding (Beige)

Champagne Glass

Champagne Fountain

Cherub (Angel Statue)

Coat Rack

Coffee Rack

Coffee Cups

Coffee Maker

Coffee Saucer

Cooler, Water

Cotton Candy Machine

Cup (Snack)

Dance Floor

Deep Fat Fryer

Digital Projector

Dinner Fork

Dinner Knife

Dinner Spoon

Dutch Oven

Flood Light

Fog Machine

Grill (Gas)

Grill (Charcoal)

Glass, Sherbert

Glass, Water

Glass, Wine Flute

Goblet Water

Heaters, Propane 250k

Heaters, Propane 150k

Heaters, Patio

Hot Dog Cooker


Lattice 4x6

Lattice 4x8

Lattice, White

Lattice, Lights 3 bulb

Light , Strobe

Light, Wedding

Mirror Ball w/ Motor

Movie Screen 30”, 40”

Napkin, Linen

Roaster Oven

PA System w/ CD Player

Pillar W/ Flower Post

Pitcher (Water)

Plate, Dessert

Plate, Dinner

Plate, Salad (Gold Rim)

Plate, Salad (Glass)

Popcorn Machine

Pot, Aluminium

Propane Stove

Punch Bowl (Silver)

Punch Bowl (Glass)

Raffle Drum

Risers, 4x8

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Skirting, Table 14 ft.

Snack Set

Snow Cone Machine

Spot Light



Table, 8 ft. Banquet

Table, 5 ft. Round

Table, Card

Tablecloth (Linen)

Tablecloth (Paper)

Tea Cart

Tea Set (Silver)


TV/VCR Combo

Wedding Knife & Server

Chain Wrench

Pipe Cutter 1.2 to 2

Pipe Cutter 2 to 4

Pipe Cutter Copper Tubing

Soil Pipe Cutter

Pipe Flarer

Pipe Reamer

Pipe Threader (Hand)

Pipe Threader (Power)

Pipe Vise

Pipe Wrench 18”

Pipe Wrench 36”

Hand Threader Die 3/8”

Pet Crimper

Sewer Snake 5/16”x25’

Sewer Snake 1/2”x50’

Sewer Snake 1/2”x50’ Power

Sewer Snake 7/8”x120’ Power

Sewer Snake, Toilet

Tubing Bender

Turbo Torch

Pipe Thawer (electric)

Belt Sander

Breaker Electric

Brick Saw 12”

Chipper Electric

Chop Saw (Electric - Metal)

Skil Saw

Cutoff Saw (Electric)

Cutoff Saw (Gas)

Door Planer

Drill 1/2”

Drill 38”

Drill, Right Angle

Extension Cord 100’ (6 GA)

Extension Cord 50’ (10 GA)

Extension Cord 50’

Grinder, Right Angle

Grinder, Terrazo

Hammer Drill (Bosch)

Hammer Drill (Milwaukee)

Hammer Drill

Heat Gun

Hole Hog

Impact Wrench 1/2”

Jig Saw

Junction Boxes

Magnetic Base Drill

Mitre Saw

Nibbler Metal (16 GA)

Porta Bandsaw




Siding Sander

Stapler 1/2” (Electric)

Stapler 1/2” (Hand)

Table Saw

Tile Saw, 10” (Electric)

1/4” Sheet Orbital Sander

1/2” Sheet Orbital Sander

Bit, Hammer Drill

Bit, 2 1/2” Core Bit

Diaphram Pump 3”

Discharge Hose 50’

Submersible Pump 2”

Submersible Pump 3/4”

Suction Hose 15’

Trash Pump 2”

Trash Pump 3”

Vacuum Pump

Waterbed Pump

Hose Garden

Pins, Scaffold End Frame

Caster 8”

Caster, Multi-Purpose

Base Plates, Scaffolding

Corner Braces

Cross Brace 7’

End Frame 4.5’

End Frame 5’ (Narrow)

End Frame 6.5’

Guard Rails/Kick Boards

Planks 7’

Screw Jacks


Chain Binder

Chain Log

Dump Trailers (1 YD, 3 YD)

Snowmobile Enclosed (27 ft)

Tail Light Adaptors

Trailer, 4x8 w/ramp

Trailer, 4x8 w/sides & ramp

Trailer, 5x18 Flat

Trailer, 7x16 w/sides

Trailer, 7x12 w/sides

Trailer, 7 1/2x12’ Drop Deck

Trailer, 6 Ton Tilt Bed

Trailer, 12 Ton w/ Ramps

Trailer, 16 Ton w/ Ramps

Trailer, Auto (Aluminum)

Trailer Hose

Trailer (for large tiller)

Trailer, U-Cart

Tow Dolly

Tow Ball 2” or 2 5/16”

Winch, for Tow Dolly

Winch, Hand Crank

All images are for illustrative purposes only. May not reflect actual equipment .

Appliance Dolly W/ Strap

Dolly, Chair Big

Dock Ramp

Furniture Pad

Hand Truck

Pallet Jack

Safe Dolly (40 Ton Rollers)

Panel Lift

Panel Lift (extension)

Piano Dolly 4 Wheel

Piano Dolly 2 Piece

Pry Bar, Jackson

Sheetrock Dolly

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Call for rates!!!

Pocatello - 208-233-6600

Idaho Falls - 208-524-7375

Call for rates!!!

Pocatello - 208-233-6600

Idaho Falls - 208-524-7375

Call for rates!!!

Pocatello - 208-233-6600

Idaho Falls - 208-524-7375